2500 Series Alloy Muffle Furnaces

2500 Series Thick Film Furnace
  • Process Applications:

    • Thick film firing of noble metals
    • Copper thick film firing
    • Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC)
    • Embedded Passive Component Firing
    • Glass-to-metal sealing
    • Brazing
    • Reducing
    • Other high-temperature controlled atmosphere applications
  • General Application Parameters:

    • Maximum Temperature Rating: 1050° C
    • Atmosphere System: Air, nitrogen, hydrogen, and other atmospheres. Industry proven extractor for Copper Firing applications. Comprehensive dual burn-off safety system for hydrogen applications.
    • Heating Method: Ceramic fiber block with imbedded resistive wire heating elements.
    • Cooling Modules: Free and forced convection/conduction. Both air and water available as standard equipment.
    • Clearance above Conveyor Belt: 1-8 inches (25-200mm).
    • Belt Widths: 6-52 inches (150-1300mm).


Rated to 1050° C, the 2500 Series includes a gas-tight alloy muffle and features an ultra-clean low-mass refractory heating chamber. Air, nitrogen, hydrogen, and combinations of these gases are available and maintained at extreme levels of purity in the muffle-contained environment. SierraTherm muffles are designed for maximum rigidity and durability under extreme operating conditions. Distinctly unlike other furnaces, the SierraTherm 2500 Series is an energy efficient precision thermal processing system which provides unequaled performance by way of:

  • Three tiers of graded, power saving insulation reduces energy bills
  • Innovative atmosphere distribution and management eliminates thermal shock
  • Stable, unsurpassed temperature uniformity control ensures consistent process results
  • Atmosphere changes can be accomplished in minutes reducing gas consumption
  • Controlled atmosphere capability of 1-3 ppm above source gas purity

Included as standard equipment on the 2500 Series is the powerful and convenient Windows based MicroTherm PC Control Profiling, and Monitoring System, developed by SierraTherm.